Tik Tok Laboratories

Catalog Number: WSLS0313


12" Vinyl + Poster

Side A
1. Generation Fun
2. They Want Me Dead
3. I Have Been Shanghaied
4. Doolittle
5. Waltz Nr. 6
6. What Shall We Do Without Us?

Side B
1. Prelude
2. Each According To Their Kind
3. Eyetag
4. My Life Begins Tonight
5. The Applicant

In the summer of 2011, Tik Tok Laboratories assembled in the third basement of an old brewery in Berlin, Germany. After draping the concrete room with various fabrics and carpets,  the WSLS mobile tape-recording apparatus was carefully set-up and calibrated, and the band proceeded to record for two weeks, seemingly without pause. It was an intense and productive session.

Carefully chosen selections from these recordings are now available on 12″ Vinyl Record. The material is diverse. “What Shall We Do Without Us” was a last-minute throw-away riff that evolved into a jam, which later became titled. “Generation Fun” is a beautiful ode to youth, in all of its beauty and ugliness, and was recorded outside with a portable tape machine while birds chirped and cars honked. “Prelude” was written in a fit of rage.