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If anyone who bought a copy of Alone & Adrift or The Daisy Age has found that the download code does not work, please send us an email at and we will send you a new, working download code.

Beautiful New Jacob Bellens’ Video for “Do You Have Anything Harder”

New Jacob Bellens Single


Jacob Bellens’ new single Do You Have Anything Harder? out NOW in Denmark with digital download and on 7″-vinyl.

And Danish folks can go see Bellens on a short tour early next year:

22/1 Lyngby, Templet
23/1 Kolding, Godset
24/1 Aalborg, Northern Winter Beat
25/1 Aarhus, Voxhall
26/1 København, Vega

Willy Gantrim will be attending Christiania´s birthday.


Willy Gantrim – Swiss/German Tour

Come out, come out, where ever you are.


Noah Harley Concert in CPH

WSLS recording artist Noah Harley (Ommie Wise/Tik Tok) will be performing with his band “The Dickweeds” on Monday. Banjos and pianos and fiddles!


Generation Fun from Tik Tok Laboratories

The Daisy Age

Jacob Bellens’ “The Daisy Age” to be released tomorrow, June 28th, all over Europe!



Roughly two years ago, Tik Tok Laboratories assembled in the basement of an ancient brewery in Berlin, Germany. They spent two weeks down there, conducting experiments in the field of “Traditional Futurism,” and emerged with a diverse and severe body of work. Prominent influences range from Traditional New Orleans Funeral Marches and the blues of Sunflower County, Mississippi, to Serbian Chansons, 2nd Avenue Klezmer and 1980s southern-California Hardcore.

Finally, selections from these recordings are available on Vinyl LP, entitled “Zumpfonia.” Soon to be disseminated throughout Europe, the record can be now purchased through the WSLS Online Store.


Zumpfonia – Tik Tok Laboratories

Side A
1. Generation Fun
2. They Want Me Dead
3. I Have Been Shanghaied
4. Doolittle
5. Waltz Nr. 6
6. What Shall We Do Without Us?

Side B
1. Prelude
2. Each According To Their Kind
3. Eyetag
4. My Life Begins Tonight
5. The Applicant

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